Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tiramisu Style Dessert

Tiramisu Style Dessert

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I wanted to make the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu.   But unfortunately yesterday whole day it was raining very heavily and to bake the lady finger biscuits in such heavy and humid weather is a bad idea. I waited till the evening but the rains kept on pouring buckets and buckets of water. I was desperate now, as I had not prepared anything for alphabet T. I was searching the internet when I came across something really beautiful looking dessert. It was like Tiramisu in flavours. So giving up my idea of making a classic Tiramisu I made the next best. 

This being my 6th and the last one in the International/fusion category 

1 8" square white cake
1 family pack coffee flavoured ice cream
coffee liqueur as needed to soak the cakes
some dark chocolate for decoration
some roasted coffee beans (optional)

 The cake being baked in the oven. I made the cake from Gayathri's blog.

Thank you Gayathri for giving this recipe.

You will find the recipe for this Geonise sponge here:

 Make a white cake and when cool cut it to four equal parts. 

Take one part and split into two.

The coffee liqueur. 1 tsp instant coffee adn 1 tsp sugar dissolved in 1/4 cup hot water. 

The coffee brushed on the cake

The coffee icecream 

The stacked cake pieces smeared with icecream. 


Decorated with the coffee beans

On a dessert platter keep the white cake and brush it with coffee liqueur till drenched but not soggy. Sprinkle grated chocolate over this and then spread a little softened ice cream over it and cover it with another piece of the cake. Brush this too with the coffee liqueur like before and spread some ice cream over it.  Spread some grated chocolate over it and spread some ice cream. Spread ice cream on the sides too,  Smoothen it from all sides and  decorate with coffee beans and grated chocolate. Use chocolate sparingly as the coffee flavour has to be the main flavour for it to be a Tiramisu Dessert.

While you are assembling the dessert you may have to put it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes if the weather is warm as the icecream starts to melt. Work quickly and if necessary put it in the freezer for a few minutes before continuing. 

Serve chilled 


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