Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fruit Raita

Fruit Raita

Food Blogging Marathon # 32  F

Food Blogging Marathon from 2/9/2013 to 30/9/2013. Each day a new alphabet. 4 categories. 
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Today's alphabet for the Food Blogging Marathon # 32 is F and I made this tangy, zingy and tasty Fruit Raita in the Miscellaneous category. A simple recipe that can be made with any fruits and any salad vegetables at hand. When you have a festive meal with lots of sweets you need something small on the side that cleanses the palate at the same time adds some zing to the taste. This fruit Raita is that dish.

2 small cucumbers
1 medium apple 
2 small pink or white guavas
1 sweet lime       

For the dressing:
2 inch piece of ginger                  
2 mild green chilies or to taste   
1 1/2 tsp mustard/rai seeds
Dahi/curds/yogurt as needed
1/4 cup cream
1 tblsp sugar
salt to taste

How to make the dressing:
Grind ginger, chillies, mustard seeds, sugar and 1 tblsp dahi to make a paste. 

Peel and chop apple and cucumbers in small pieces. Cut and remove seeds from the guava and chop in small pieces.
Mix with the dressing and add dahi as needed to make it fairly loose. Add salt to taste. Serve chilled. The mustard and the dahi together gives a tangy zingy taste to this wonderful Fruit Raita. You can add green grapes and soft pears too. Do not add any colourful fruits or vegetables in this raita.

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  1. Such a delicious raita, beautifully done.

  2. very very delicious and colorful raita dear :) looks beautiful !!

  3. Very interesting raita..especially the spice that is added is great..

  4. Fruit Raita with spices sounds delicious !

  5. That's a good one...and the spices sounds interesting!!

  6. Good one..Never tried adding guavas in a raitha.

  7. Kind of different, I admit. I never tried to pair these fruits together.

  8. I love fruit raita...but have never used sweet lime and guavas...let the season come will give it a try.

  9. Love to have a bowl of the fruit raitha now. Looks so inviting...

  10. very beautiful salad bowl, works for me off late

  11. Yummy! This could make up as a desert as well :) Sweetness of the fruit with the tanginess of the yogurt would work great :)

  12. THis would pair well with biryanis and parathas!