Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mug Rug Swap at Desi Quilters

Tina, the admin at Desi Quilters on Facebook held a Mug Rug Swap and today was the last day of posting pictures of the mug rugs all the participants made. I was I think the last one to post :(
I made a few but was not satisfied with them. The ancient machine was playing up. The newer one kept breaking thread which was very frustrating. Finally I made two and then the data cord of the computer was not working. Could not load the pictures :( Then the internet was too slow to load the pictures on fb.
But here they are after all the problems.

Since the title of the swap was Cup Shup The Mug Rug Swap I thought I would make the Mug Rugs with a little memory from my young days before I started drinking tea or coffee. I associate a cup of tea with sitting out in the garden in the winter sun as I was introduced to tea on a cold winter morning when I was almost 19 years old. The garden was full of winter blooms with butterflies just unfurling their wings in the weak sun. So here are two Mug Rugs, one showing the flowers and the other the butterflies. They were made using scraps given to me by my nephew Aalok. 

The back is made using green batiks behind the floral print depicting leaves and grass. I quilted a pattern of straight line like the rays of the sun and it also has a golden edging to show the sunshine :) The butterflies have a backing of blue batiks for the sky. I just quilted around the butterflies as anything else would have distorted the pretty butterflies. 

Both the batiks are from my friend Tina from and

Close up of the quilting on the Butterflies Mug Rug.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop.

1. What am I working on? 
At present I am in planning stage to make some quilts for charity. I have the fabric but need to put together the ideas and plan some simple quilt patterns. I am also conducting a class for under privileged women on bag and purse making.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I have never followed a genre. I live in a small rural town which is in tribal area and so getting good cotton fabric is also very difficult. I have to make do with what I have ( most times it is scraps from our local tailors, who very kindly give me their unwanted scraps) ,  scraps saved from my daughters dresses when I made them, when they were babies,  or wait for a trip to nearest city. I started quilting when I was expecting my first baby. I made one quilt followed by many baby blankets or quilts without batting in it. Living in a place where it is never very cold batting in a quilt is not necessary. We make quilts called "Godhadis" which are made with layers of old sarees or dhotis. They are very soft and light in weight and ideal for wrapping the newborn baby in it.
I remember I had made a quilt top with all animals and a sort of a jungle with a few trees and bushes appliqued. The animals were appliqued too. I had made it when my first born was about 10 months and it was fun quilt for her to recognise the animals and make their noises and weave stories around all of them. It was just a cotton top with flannel backing. I still remember I had embroidered the trees and bushes with wool and all the facial features of animals with silk.We did not have a camera then and so no records of that and many of my earlier quilts/blankets/bedcovers are there.
I also enjoyed making quilted bags. There  was a time when I would make a new bag for each of my weekly trips to Mumbai. I love big bags with at least two big sections and lots of outside pockets.
I had one 'Women's Weekly Digest' which has a beautiful set of bags with pattern and instructions. I have used that pattern any number of times each time giving it a new twist and adapting and making a new looking bag everytime.
Some scrap blocks/quilts I made with the help of internet about 15 years back.


                                         Some log cabin variation. The block I love most.
3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
It gives me immense pleasure to do something new as it is always a learning process. It also helps me to destress. I was taught to use a sewing machine by my maternal grandmother, who at that time was blind due to some age related complication to her optical nerve. I followed her instructions to the tee and was doing it because she told me. But as I grew up I realised if she was able to teach me even when she could not see and from her memory of many years ago, why I who can see, read and understand, could not learn something new.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Writing about my craft has been a new process as it began since last 3-4 years after I was introduced to the blog world. My love for putting down my thoughts was encouraged by my class 10 English Language teacher, Miss Flavia. I am very grateful to her for teaching me this, though it is still very difficult to do so regarding crafts.
I read a lot  and have often picked up magazines with good articles and stories which I have told my friends translating them as I read to my friends. But I always write after my whole project is completed.
I am very tardy about updating my blog as I put it off so much that sometimes I just don't finish writing but have done the project and gifted it too.
I am not so much of a creator or designer. I prefer to do something that is already there but always giving it  my take on it. I never do exact copy of anything. When I crochet some pattern for the first time I do it as the pattern is but the next one is always different as I now have learnt the technique of how to create that particular pattern.
This one is BOM from Ravelry and done with scrap yarn of all weights. The bag was crocheted for my sisters 60th birtday and has 60 floral motifs in 60 colours. All from my scrap stash. It was done as a last minute thought and completed in 2 days including the lining.

Cooking is also the same. Never follow a recipe except for baking a cake, Here too I try to avoid eggs and use something in its place.

I have enjoyed reading some of the blogs here and hope to improve my blogging.
I tag Meenakshi Rao who has a blog here:

Friday, January 31, 2014

Green Salad. (कांद्याच्या पातीची कोशिंबीर )

Green Salad. (कांद्याच्या पातीची कोशिंबीर )

After a long absence I am back again. 
Today I am making green salad with a twist.

Spring Onion Salad

For this you will need:
1 bunch spring onions with greens intact
1 green chilly
1/4 cup grated fresh coconut
1 tblsp sesame seeds
1 tblsp flax seeds
1 tblsp lemon juice or to taste
salt to taste

Finely cut greens of the spring onions

                                  Grated fresh coconut

                            Sesame seeds

                               Flax seeds

Method :

Wash, dry and finely cut the greens of spring onions. (Keep the onions for some other use) Cut finely the green chilly. Dry roast the sesame seeds and flax seeds separately till crisp and the colour changes slightly. Keep aside to cool.
Now mix the spring onion, chilly, coconut, lemon juice and salt lightly but thoroughly. Just before serving add the roasted cooled seeds and give it a quick mix. Serve this delicious and healthy salad. It will become a favourite in your family as it has become with my family. 
The crunch of the sesame seeds and flax seeds is very makes this salad different so add it just before serving.