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Lasuni Kabab

Lasuni Kabab

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I love Alkudi/Arvi/Arbi/Colocassia tubers in any form. Just boiled in salted water, I can eat 8-10 in one go. They are slimy when cooked and my daughters would not touch them. One day I was being adventurous in the kitchen and was frying up a storm. I had some  boiled and peeled Alkudis/Arvis in the fridge. I fried a couple to see how they will be. They were so crisp and wonderful to eat that I decided to make a marinade and fry to make Kababs. Tried a few different marinades but this became a hit with my family and so here is my recipe for alphabet L


250 gms Alkudi/Arvi/Arbi/Colocassia tubers
salt to taste
some rice flour mixed with a little salt to dredge/coat the kabab
Oil for frying the kababs

For the Marinade:

1/2 cup sour dahi/curds/yougurt
8-10 peeled garlic 
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/8 tsp hing asefotida powder
1 tblsp lime juice, 
little extra salt for the marinade.

Blend everything together in the small jar of your mixer/blender. 

Marinade will look like this.
Dahi should be sour. Sometimes some Alkudis will irritate the throat unless good amount of sourness is in the recipe. So be generous with lime juice.

These are the tubers of Colacassia leaves. They are called Alkudi in Marathi and Arvi or Arbi in Hindi. 
Boil them in plenty of water with salt added to it till they are soft and well cooked. Keep in water till cool so the salt will be well absorbed. Drain and let cool. 
When cool enough to handle
peel all of them. They are very slimy so be careful while peeling. 
                                                    Now press between your  palms  to flatten them. They will look  like these.                                                        
 Now dip and coat the flattened Alkudi/Arvi with the marinade and keep aside for 10 minutes or till the oil is hot for frying.
 Remove one flattened Alkudi/Arvi and roll in the dry rice flour and keep in a plate. Do the same with all the Alkudis/Arvis. 
 They will look like this.  
Fry in hot oil till dark golden brown. 

Remove on a plate lined with paper towels.

  Serve hot with tomato sauce or chutney of your choice.
I have served with tamarind and jagery sauce and tomato sauce.
These are incredibly crisp kababs. Not a trace of sliminess of the boiled Alkudis/Arvis will be there once they are fried.

This is my 5th recipe in Miscellaneous category.

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  1. wow thats a very innovative and yummy kabab dear :) looks so delicious :)

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  6. I have been seeing many recipes using colocassia and never heard of it or seen it but now I see photo I realize this is what we call eddoe in the Caribbean and in Dutch, my Mom's language it is called tayer and very common in Suriname where my Mom's family is from. We cook it so many different ways. Now I can try all the colocassia recipes I have seen :)

    1. Its called eddoe/taro roots Mireille..

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