Here you will read all about my interests in crafts. How I started and how some of the crafts that I did under duress, became a lifeline in times of stress. 

I enjoy doing varied crafts, so read all about it here.

My first love is crochet and I always have a crochet project going on. I carry it everywhere with me. 

Here is one that I made during times of high stress in our family. It helped me get through some real bad times and kept me calm and in right frame of mind.
It is all done using single crochet (sc in US terminology and dc in UK terminology) 
The pattern is Log Cabin. Same as the one in quilting. Started as a stash buster for the left over yarn but I ended buying some 2 kilos of yarn in more than 13 different colours.

This was done some time in late 80s and early 90s. It is almost 96 inches by 96 inches.

Crocheted log cabin bedcover 

Last two years I was doing too much crochet and I thought I should take a break and do some thing else that I enjoy. 

So I started  sewing and quilting. As I was surfing the internet for the new trends in quilting and patterns for me to start I came across this group on Facebook and my quilting started in earnest. I participated in monthly challenges and was enjoying getting to know many of the wonderful new friends.

Desi Quilters on fb is one such group that has inspired me to do better and learn a lot of new things. Sharing and appreciating is what the DQ's do best.

I did a lot of baby quilts when my daughters were born and also as gifts to many babies during that time. I never thought of documenting and of course photography was very expensive those days so many of the earlier efforts are now history.

Now with the digital camera and internet documenting has become easy and so here is my small effort to showcase a few thing I did just for the love of creating and completing something I started. 

Making fabric bags is something I enjoy. There was a time when I commuted to Mumbai once or twice a week and every time carried a new bag. Those bags unfortunately have long gone after using them for many years. 

Here are some pictures of the bags I made in last couple of years.

This was made without a pattern. Looks very smart. Has a magnetic closure and a inside pocket.

This was something different so I tried it. It is a free pattern on the internet called grab bag.

These are a few project bags I had made for a swap.

This was made for a friend's laptop. It has zip going almost all around. Has a light sponge sheet between the fabric and lining and is lightly quilted.


  1. Namaskar Sandhya ji!
    You are very talented.The bags you have made stand testimony.
    My very best wishes.
    Just saw your अडनाव and since I know a person related to Karandikars of Mumbai I felt that I should write to you.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I have been making bags for myself and as gifts for many years now. I like to sew and bag making is what I like to do most.
      Which Karandikars from Mumbai do you know?

  2. Wow, the laptop bag is so professional! I also love your door, I'm guessing you live in a beautiful historic house xx