Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summing up the A to Z Mega Marathon Sept. 2013

Whole of September I was busy posting and commenting on other posts in the wonderful Food Blogging Marathon # 32 held by Srivalli at 

The theme was A to Z,  one alphabet each day. There were 4 days off so we had 26 days of blogging with 4 days of rest.

I had made some of the recipes in August and drafted them earlier. Some I made the previous day and posted as soon as they were done.

Cooking and photographing each step as I was doing was a bit cumbersome as I had to wash my hands and pick up the camera and photograph what I was doing. Then again proceed with cooking further. So washing and wiping hands took most of the time than actually cooking. But it was a good experience and another of my hidden skills got better.

 It was a huge commitment and I am happy to say inspite of many glitches, due to lack of expert computer skills, I managed to fulfil it very satisfyingly.

Learned a bit about food photography from my daughter Kaanchan. Thank you K for the quick lessons in food photography.

Here is a recap of what I did the whole month long. It started on 2nd September with A

I enjoy reading your comments so if you feel to do so please go ahead and post.

Now getting ready for the All Indian States Marathon to be held in April 2014. Planning cooking and photographing has already started.

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