Sunday, March 4, 2012

Few of my counted cross stitch pictures

There was a time when I was hooked on cross stitch. I did only that for a year or so. Here is the collection of what I did. A few were given away as gifts and so I don't have pictures of those, a couple are very big and I need help taking pictures so they will come later.
I enjoyed it very much and embroidery thread was the only crafty thing available in Dahanu those days. That too if I wanted a colour or shade that the shop did not stock, I had to order it and buy the whole box of 25 skiens. I am using those skiens even now, after almost 20 years.
This is the wall hanging showing a farmer doing his chores according to the seasons. As my DH is a farmer I thought something like this has to be the focal point in our home somewhere. 

Close up of various parts of the wall hanging.

 Resting after the bumper (I wish) crop.

 This is suppposed to be either a cushion or a frame in a child's room but it is not completed. Someone borrowed my book and have not returned it. Now either I complete it as I feel correct or leave it unfinished.

 This one and another one (which was gifted to my friend) was from Madura Coats magazine, gifted to me as a special prize in an all India embroidery competition I had entered. I had drawn and embroidered a lady walking in the snow. I gifted that frame to my daughter's friend.

 The Tea Rose


 These are the sun signs. The ones that my daughters have taken away as gifts for their friends are missing.


 This is one of my favourite themes to embroider. It is a picture showing all seasons. The main picture remains the same. Here it is a lady in a garden. But the colours/flowers/fruits in all four are different according to the season  This one is SUMMER




This one is for the dining room a basket full of Veggies.


  1. These patterns are so beautiful. I'm crazy about cross stitch. I wish I could do a huge design someday.

    -Medhu (ravelry)

  2. Thank you Medhu. You will do so one day and I firmly believe in few stitches a day will complete the picture someday.