Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winemaking ---- Success Story.

Finally the wine was tasted and approved and liked.
I had tasted the wine while I was filling the bottles. I filled four 750 ml bottles and two 1 liter bottles + almost a glass full. I wanted some more people to taste the wine before posting the success story here. My daughter and her fiance were here last weekend and both of them tasted it and approved it. My daughter also mentioned that one of her friends will like it. So now I can say I have made the wine successfully.
The wine is very pale yellow (like the pineapple) in colour and is dry. There is very subtle pineapple fragrance to it.
I never knew getting glass bottles with good screw on tops was so difficult. At present I have the wine filled into washed and sterelised whisky bottles with no tops/lids/corks hence the plastic with the rubber band. Desi style!!!!
Here is the picture of the 4 glass bottles.

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