Friday, March 11, 2011

My first post

My version of All Shawl by Doris Chan.

I had to start somewhere so I thought I would start with this post. I completed my first shawl of the eleven I will be doing in 2011. It was a fairly easy pattern but it took me way too many days to complete as I was doing too many different things for the last two months. But I am happy with this shawl. It is a very light shawl.
I will be using this red non branded yarn from my stash which is actually used for machine knitting. I am using 3 strands together. 
Now that I have posted my first thoughts I hope to up date at least weekly if not more frequently.
Here is a picture of this vibrant red shawl. It is a free pattern available on by Doris Chan. I modified the stitch slightly.



  1. i like this color. and i like shawls:)))
    good luck and i wait your new works.
    i have hope can finish 11 shawls in this year too

  2. This is just gorgeous.. bright and beautiful.. :))