Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mug Rug Swap at Desi Quilters

Tina, the admin at Desi Quilters on Facebook held a Mug Rug Swap and today was the last day of posting pictures of the mug rugs all the participants made. I was I think the last one to post :(
I made a few but was not satisfied with them. The ancient machine was playing up. The newer one kept breaking thread which was very frustrating. Finally I made two and then the data cord of the computer was not working. Could not load the pictures :( Then the internet was too slow to load the pictures on fb.
But here they are after all the problems.

Since the title of the swap was Cup Shup The Mug Rug Swap I thought I would make the Mug Rugs with a little memory from my young days before I started drinking tea or coffee. I associate a cup of tea with sitting out in the garden in the winter sun as I was introduced to tea on a cold winter morning when I was almost 19 years old. The garden was full of winter blooms with butterflies just unfurling their wings in the weak sun. So here are two Mug Rugs, one showing the flowers and the other the butterflies. They were made using scraps given to me by my nephew Aalok. 

The back is made using green batiks behind the floral print depicting leaves and grass. I quilted a pattern of straight line like the rays of the sun and it also has a golden edging to show the sunshine :) The butterflies have a backing of blue batiks for the sky. I just quilted around the butterflies as anything else would have distorted the pretty butterflies. 

Both the batiks are from my friend Tina from and

Close up of the quilting on the Butterflies Mug Rug.

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